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At Blade Cutters we listen to our customers – so when you told us you wanted a high quality, comprehensive lawn treatment program, we responded and developed the Total Turf Management (TTM) division of our company. TTM offers the finest, most complete lawn care program available anywhere.

Using time tested techniques and state of the art equipment, our specialists apply high-end, golf course grade lawn fertilizers, weed controls, and other products to produce the lawn you’ve always wanted! From lawn spraying to tree and shrub care, TTM is the service you’ve been waiting for.

The Total Turf Management program consists of six specially developed and seasonally scheduled service visits. Your applications will include a well-balanced mixture of fertilizer, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides (think grub control!).

Our program is based on research, training and recommendations from the Purdue University Horticulture Program and is specifically customized for our region. Please view our six step program and then give us a call to get started! We also have modified three, four and five step programs available for our budget conscious consumers.

Starting in the 2023 season, we will be transitioning to an organic fertilization program. This is something we have been researching and have wanted to do for a while. We have always been dedicated to using the best products and the education needed to apply them correctly and in the safest manor for our customers and the environment. Unfortunately, that still involved the use of chemicals. There has been a rise in alternative products that are directed at creating a beautiful lawn without the need to put chemicals into the soil. After researching, we feel that there is finally the products and ability for us to head in that direction.

There are many benefits to using organic fertilizer. The product we will be using is a dual carbon bio soil amendment that improves poor quality soils (turf, garden, flower beds, food plots). It is filler free. It uses Black Gypsum (10% humic acid). This replaces hard to breakdown limestone fillers found in most synthetic fertilizers. It disperses evenly and provides immediate and readily available nutrients to the plant. This promotes root growth and energy production. Using a natural nitrogen source provides consistent greening and growth. It helps neutralize pet urine spots. It is waterway safe and contains no human or poultry waste. Most importantly, it is safe for family and pets!

The Organic program consists of six specially developed and seasonally scheduled service visits. Your applications will include a wellbalanced mixture of organic fertilizer, natural weed killers, and organic grub control (optional service).

We all have heard how bad Glyphosate (Round Up) is. Using it is something we have wanted to get away from. We will now be using a natural alternative spray that is vinegar based as a “kill all” instead.


Step Application Date 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step

Early Spring

Natural gypsum supplies calcium without changing soil ph and adds sulfur where needed. Acting as a soil conditioner, gypsum loosens hard packed soils while, the humic acid enhances flushing of harmful salts and excess sodium

March – April x x x

Late Spring

Humic Acid Precursor (bio-organic based carbon) is transformed into humic and fulvic acids, helping to drive nutrients into the soil and increase soil carbon.
Optional Services Include: Core Aeration and Tree and Bush Fertilization

April – May x x x

Early Summer

Calcium is essential for strong cell walls, roots and leaves. Improves lawns tolerance to heat stress, drought, and disease. Controls the plants uptake and utilization of water, nitrogen and improves soil texture.
Optional Services Include: Grub Control

May – June x x

Late Summer

Carbon: Is critical to microbial health which affects soil structure, protects lawns from stress, and breaks down nutrients of the soil and release them to the root zone of the lawn
Optional Services Include: Mosquito Control

July – August x

Early Fall

Proper sulfur levels help maintain protein that promotes growth and helps resist disease
Optional Services Include: Tree and Bush
Fertilization and Mosquito Control

August – Sept x x x

Late Fall

These micronutrients enhance the utilization and efficiency of applied and existing nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus
Optional Services Include: Core Aeration

Sept – November x x x

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