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Northwest Indiana Erosion Control

Blade Cutters Stormwater and Erosion Control offers a comprehensive “Complete BMP Agent Plan” tailored for all construction projects!

Our team specializes in providing expert guidance on erosion and sediment control solutions, ensuring the right products are selected and installed at your site.

We stand behind our installations with a guarantee, handling product installation, inspections, maintenance, and necessary paperwork. From managing Construction Site and Maintenance logs for MS4 local inspectors to product removal upon project completion, we’ve got you covered. Please note that material and installation costs are separate.

Understanding BMPs

Best Management Practices (BMPs) for stormwater are strategic methods to manage runoff by controlling sediment and stabilizing soil. These practices aim to prevent or minimize pollution effectively.

Our Range of BMPs Includes:

  • Complete perimeter control: Offering American-made silt and coir logs, erosion control blankets, inlet protection for drainage, and concrete washout stations.
  • Rain barrels & cisterns: Utilized to prevent roof runoff from entering storm drains, these can also collect water for various landscape needs like gardens, lawns, and flower beds.
  • Rain garden: A residential depression planted with native flowers and vegetation, serving as a natural runoff collector and enhancing your property’s appeal.
  • Filter strips: Heavily planted ground strips designed to redirect runoff away from high-traffic areas such as roads, parking lots, and playgrounds.
  • Swales: Small channels or depressions that channel stormwater, allowing natural sedimentation to cleanse pollutants before reaching your property.
  • Infiltration basin: Man-made basins planted with resilient vegetation to collect and purify stormwater through natural sedimentation.
  • Infiltration planters: Colorful plant-filled boxes acting as strip filters in urban areas like parking lots and sidewalks, enhancing aesthetics while managing runoff.
  • Infiltration trenches: Dug trenches lined with specialized filter material to retain and filter stormwater, allowing gradual seepage into the soil.
  • Natural/native vegetation: Planting native grasses and vegetation on elevated ground next to lowlands to reduce runoff and trap sediment effectively.


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